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The H2O-2000 is International H2O’s most popular design.This premium water dispenser has hot,cold, and room temperature function. It is equipped with an LED illuminated dispensing gap that is much larger than most, making it very easy to fill sport bottles and coffee pots. H2O-2000 shuts the water off automatically when full, utilizing a hydraulic float shut off system.The H2O-2000 has a “smart drip tray” which signals the user when it’s full.
The H2O-2000 is equipped with an easy to use microprocessor control panel with adjustable cold temp., and a safety lock function for the hot water, preventing burning accidents. It has a built-in cup holder that fits both paper cone, and flat bottom plastic cups (6oz. max).
H2O-2000 is equipped with an LG compressor, and has surgical grade stainless steel hot,cold, and room temperature tanks inside.
The machine is available with any filtration configuration desired, include Reverse Osmosis( 50 GPD or 180 GPD).