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The H2O-3000 is International H2O’s premier model. With it’s innovative design, and modern look, it fits perfectly into any boardroom, or high-end office space. it has the fastest cooling rate out of any Point of Use Water Cooler on the market( 5.26 gallons per hour), thank to it’s state of the art, LG compressor cooling system.

The H2O-3000 has hot/cold/ and ambient water dispensing function, with the standard hot water safety mechanism to prevent burning accidents. It’s equipped with a smart drip tray, which sounds an alarm to let you know when it’s time to be emptied. H2O-3000 has surgical stainless steel containment tanks throughout, and has an electronic shut off mechanism to prevent over-flow or flooding. H2O-3000 can be equipped with any filtration of your choice, including Reverse Osmosis, UV light, Nano Silver Carbon, KDF, or anti-scale filters. It is available only through authorized International H2O distributors.

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